2010 - 2011 School Year

The Westwood / Eliot River Home and School Fundraiser this year is the QSP Christmas Gift catalogue. 45% of all sales will go directly back to our Home and School Association. Last year we raised close to $10,000, and the previous year close to $20,000. This money was used to buy sound systems for the classrooms, Physical Education equipment, Library resources, as well as new playground equipment.

This year's Fundraising Kick Off is October 6th, 2010. The orders are due back on Oct 19th. Only cheques or cash accepted. Cheques are made payable to Westwood/Eliot Rover Home and School Association.

TO ORDER Gifts: Simply fill in the 3 part order form carefully and completely and return the top 2 copies along with your payment to the school by Tuesday, October 19th. Keep the pink copy for your own records. If you need more order forms please contact the school. This year we are also offering the option to make a donation, if you don't want to order anything or would also like to make a donation, please include your cheque or cash in the same QSP envelope.

DELIVERY: Gift catalogue orders will be delivered to the school three to four weeks after the completion of our campaign, middle to late November. All items that are not too large or breakable will be sent home with the children. Pick-up arrangements to be announced for other items.

PAYMENT: Must accompany the orders. Please make cheques payable to Westwood/Eliot Rover Home and School Association. The correct cash amount is also acceptable.

An awards program is included with your child's package. Siblings may work together in order to achieve a higher level on the chart but must submit their orders under one name, so that totals will be combined.

We hope that you will contact family, friends, neighbors and work associates over the coming days, including the Thanksgiving weekend, and ask them to help us reach our goal. We thank you for your continued support in enhancing your child's education.

Remember all orders are due back Tuesday, October 19th, 2010.

Westwood / Eliot River Home and School Executive