Bridging the Gap: Preventing the Summer Slide

Did you know that children can lose up to three months of academic progress over the summer?
Children will often experience a ‘summer slide’ in their academic skills over the summer so the following ideas and resources for parents present ways that families can ‘bridge the gap’ over the summer months.

  1. Talk to your kids and explain what you are doing. It may be easy for you, but kids may not know why or how to do it.
  2. 'Think out-loud' while planning a trip to the beach or to the grocery store. Kids are always listening, even when it seems they are not.
  3. Participate in community activities; here is a good online calendar of activities in PEI: Island Family Magazine Calendar
  4. Go to the library, not only there are tons of great books you can borrow, there are also games and activities: Cornwall Library Events
  5. Play board games with your kids. Most board games can teach strategic thinking and logic. Check this guide if interested in learning how to play Chess for Kids.

This is a great presentation that introduces the concept and shares great ways to address it: Summer Bridging Presentation
Note: this is a new way to create presentations called Prezi, once it loads, simply press the next arrow to move to the next 'slide'.

Here are some more ideas and suggestions on how to prevent the summer slide:

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And if like Youtube videos, this one has more ideas on the topic:

Preventing the Summer Learning Slide Video