Thank you all for attending the session, many of you wanted a copy of the booklet, please find it here:

And if you wanted to print it as a booklet on both sides of a letter size page that you can fold, please use this file:

If you are interested in buying your own $35 $38.50 Raspberry Pi micro-computer, the main distributor in Canada is Newark and the direct link is

You will also need a 5V 1A power supply, cables, and to follow these instructions on how to setup the necessary SD Card:

Or if you want a great Raspberry Pi kit that comes with everything you need, including colorful manuals with activities for kids, you can pre-order the complete Kano kit at

And for those interested in the Lego WeDo Education Kit, it can be ordered from the Canadian distributor at


Lego Robotics and Raspberry Pi

Parents and their kids are invited to learn about these new technologies now available in the Westwood school library.

Wednesday, February 26, 20146:15pm - 7:30pmWestwood Primary School
A booklet will be provided for free to all families attending with fun activities to continue exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics at home.

A raffle will take place at the end of the session, where you could win and take home for free one of the following items:

- Raspberry Pi micro-computer with USB hub and cables
- Lego Creator building kit
- Lego Technic building kit
- Lego Friends building kit

Refreshments will be provided.