Westwood parents can now order and pay online for lunches, milk tokens, field trips, and school supplies.

Visit westwood.hotlunches.net and follow the Parent Instructions Guide.

The first step is to register using your email address and add your children's name to the system. Then every two weeks or once a month simply place your food and milk orders and pay online.
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Westwood's Online Ordering System
Frequently Asked Questions

Why did we move to an online ordering system?
To free up teaching time and make ordering more convenient for everyone. Before, it took teachers around 30 minutes per week to process paper orders, and the office up to 4 hours per week.
Besides, we as parents are now able to order and pay online in a few clicks, no need to find lunch forms, no more looking for change, and no more reminding our kids to turn in their lunch orders.

How do I place orders online?
Visit **westwood.hotlunches.net** and follow the Parent Guide available under Help to add your children's name to the system, and you will be ready to start ordering online in minutes.

What if I don't have a computer at home?
To reap the benefits of the new system and save teachers time, we encourage parents to find a computer at the library, at work, or at a friend's house to place your order. If this is not possible, please contact the office to discuss alternate arrangements. Ordering online only takes a few minutes, and can also be done from a Smartphone.

Can I pay for the lunch order online?
Yes, you can pay with a debit card, credit card, or your bank account via PayPal. Payment is processed by PayPal for a secure transaction, and you do not pay any fees; the School covers the payment processing fees.

What if I don't want to pay online?
Place the order online, write down the total to be paid, the name of your child and classroom or print the remittance form, and send along to the School with your payment in cash or cheque the Monday when orders are due every two weeks, and the teacher will update the online ordering system with your payment.

Why are we ordering for two weeks or more at a time?
To save time and money. Ordering for two weeks or for a whole month instead of weekly takes less time to process the orders and reduces the processing fees the school has to pay to accept payments online.

How do I place orders if my child has two homes?
If both parents want to be able to order for their child, each parent can register and when adding your child please append Mom or Dad to your child's last name as the system does not accept the same student name twice, for example 'Jane Smith-Dad' and 'Jane Smith-Mom'.

Can I revise or cancel an order?
Yes, you can revise or cancel your order at any time up until 9am the day the lunch ordered is being provided.
If you paid online, the system will give you a credit, which you can use on your next order.
Please note that the school generates a system report to order the lunch items from the suppliers every day at 9am, if you do not cancel your order by 9am and your child is absent that day, the lunch will be donated to a child in need that day.

Can I order milk and pay for field trips through the online system?
Yes, the school will be using the online system for all lunch and milk orders, as well as for the collection of field trips and school supplies money.
The system will also be used to order your Concert DVDs and other small fundraising activities.

Can I get notified via email of what I ordered?
Yes, the system will send you an email with a summary of what you ordered for the upcoming week.

Why do I have to register again and add my children to the system every school year?
Because it is faster and more accurate, and better complies with Canadian privacy regulations.
The system needs to be reset for old transactions to be deleted and to enable the assignment of new and existing students to their new classes.
It only takes a couple of minutes for a parent to register and add their children to the system, and this needs to be done only once at the beginning of the school year.

Has the online ordering system been successful?
Yes, we've heard from parents and teachers how much time it saves and how convenient it is.

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