Positive Discipline Info Session

On Thursday, Sept. 29th at 6:15pm close to 40 parents joined us in the Multipurpose Room at Westwood for a Home & School session on positive discipline. This was a great interactive session where we gained a better understanding of the ways positive discipline practices are developed at Westwood and where we exchanged ideas of how home and school can support each other in this important venture. While we attended the session, our children watched a movie in the gym supervised by Westwood EA’s. All proceeds will go to the Special Education Program at Westwood. Thank you to the school, the teachers, and the parents for such great turnout and excellent session.

This session was based on information from the following great book:

Secrets of discipline: 12 keys for raising responsible children
By Ronald G. Morrish

"Don't let the title scare you. Morrish's version of discipline is a modern, effective approach that works on building children's self esteem and confidence by setting boundaries."

Your Home & School has a few books available for you to borrow.

The book is available at the School Library, here is its entry on the School Library Catalog.

The book is also available at the Cornwall Library, you can request a copy at: x.co/discipline

And you can click here to preview the book online.